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Eating earthworms

Richard & Patsy

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Our puppy is now 14 weeks old and 10kg. I am pleased to say that he is housetrained and I no longer have to stand outside with him: I open the door after a meal or a signal, out he goes and gives a whine when he he is finished and wants back in.

I let him out today, didn't hear the whine after five minutes so went to see what he was up to. He had dug a small hole in the lawn and had mud and a big worm in his mouth. I gave the "drop it" command but, alas, his is not yet 100% on this and he ate it.

Is it likely that this will upset his stomach? The only thing that has done this so far is when he got to the cat's milk. The transition from wet & kibble the breeder had him on to raw went without a hitch.
It seems that our raw fed dogs stomach's are a lot more tolerant of strange edible foods passing through, than many of the grain based kibble fed dogs. I certainly would not worry, I'm sure it will be digested as raw food. :rolleyes:
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Apparently, they can be quite healthy, even for humans... :confused: Though for humans, they are best cooked... Wolves have been known to eat earthworms, and their digestive system is very similar.
Me neither, excuseme, and not just because I'm vegetarian!
Thank you for your replies. I am pleased to report that there were no ill effects with him.

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