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Encouraging play


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We have a 5 month old puppy and currently have a 4 year old on trial with us from the local rescue. He’s always lived on his own and doesn’t seem to know how to play with other dogs. Our puppy has been trying to get him to play but I think the older dog doesn’t quite understand.
Obviously he may just not be interested in playing / need longer to settle etc.
But is there anything we can do to help or encourage him to join in with play?
He will go to daycare a couple of times a week with our puppy and we will take him to training classes which hopefully will all help.
Asking more specifically for help at home. Thanks
Some dogs simply aren't into playing with other dogs, particularly when adult. And if they are, it might not be so much play as testing boundaries, sizing each other up, intimidating the other one...

I would ensure that your pup doesn't pester the older dog or bounce on him - if pup doesn't stop after a couple of playbows, yips, or whatever have been ignored, or if the older dog looks grouchy/put upon, or grumbles or snarks, then remove pup.

It might be he'll get more playful in time, but he might not, and that's fine too. Make sure that when he goes to daycare he has the opportunity to stay safely on the sidelines and not be pestered or intimidated by other dogs, while still having quality interactions with the staff, if that seems to suit him better.
Thanks, the staff said he enjoyed his first taster at daycare and interacted nicely with the other dogs. But we’re keeping a close eye on them at home to make sure the puppy doesn’t pester him.

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