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One of the males in the litter had his first erection at 7w+2d. Now he's 8w+1d and he's forever having them - to the point he will have one every 1-3 minutes out of the pen and doesn't play with the others. He's sitting down, has a little rub of his bum (and testis too?) on the floor and then a little leg shake and lick. I assume he's masturbating?
He was only exposing the tip of his penis to begin with, now he's bringing out a good 5mm a couple more mm and his glandis will be exposed.

Do I leave him to it or try to halt the behaviour? Could it be an underlying issue - UTI?
Sorry, I'm not any real help, so I'm eagerly waiting what others will say. Neither of our male pups showed any that kind of behaviour at that I am wondering too about UTI. I would not try to stop that kind of behaviour as it is something he must need to do, particularly if is medical issue...let him if he is not causing himself physical damage.
I'd have him checked for UTI as well as having the vet examine to see if he has some kind of problem e.g. a little growth or a foreign body.

Otherwise, like most other pubescent males, they grow out of inappropriately airing their views and just apply it when necessary.
Thank you, any response is better than none!

He's using the puppy pads as normal with no blood. His penis is light pink in colour with no obvious visible sore spots, nor does he appear in any pain vocally at least.
I've taken a video and he's had 4 in the length of the 28 seconds of recording.
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Scratching his bum made me wonder about the possibility of worms, too - an itchy bum could result in a heightened reaction from the general area, leading to the erections. I'm sure you'll have given him all the appropriate wormers, but maybe another possibility to run past your vet?
They've been wormed with Beaphar worming syrup bi-weekly with no evidence of worms in his poo.

I'll get him in the vets tomorrow. Thank you all!
Well it appears he's just a happy hormonal boy! No traces of bacteria in his urine or bloat. Vet said because he's experiencing a different feeling from it which he enjoys, he realises he can do it on demand and the novelty should soon wear off.
Same as young human boys, then. Well, apart from the novelty wearing off bit...

Haha! I'm sure his new family will appreciate his little boyhood, they have no children but a male Pekingese x pug, maybe he's practicing in preparation to show who's boss.

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