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Discussion in 'General Dog Forum' started by Sararottielover, Sep 11, 2020.

  1. Sararottielover

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    Hi all, not been on in awhile.

    for the last 3 weeks we have looked after a rescue eurasier. We foster for our local rescue. He got snapped up quickly as he was a lovley dog. He was a kind , sweet natured dog , got on fab with my Rottie. I was gutted when he left and regret not rehoming him now so am looking into the breed. one thing i found surprising about him is that he was so quiet , he only barked at people at the door and that was it and was not chatty either. Which suprised me knowing the samoyed is one of the parent breeds. Which they are normally very vocal. I've spoken with other eurasier owner's who told me they are quiet. I just cant understand how there so quiet if they have samoyed in there blood. Anyone know eurasiers are they quiet? Is it the chow in them that makes them so quiet?

    He was a lovley dog , he was very eager to please too. Had his deaf moments but overall was eager to please.

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