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Experiences eith Auto immune and presidolone please


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Hello. I was a member here many years ago but couldn't remember old log in so rejoined as looking for some "real life experience " of presidolone for your dog.

My 10 year old whippet has been diagnosed with an auto immune disease and prescribed a high dose of presidolone steroid for the past week (dose due to be reduced tomorrow then a follow up appointment on wednesday)

I have had her at the vets almost daily with worry but don't think this requires a call to out of hours but would appreciate some honest answers from those who have been through similar.

D is having the usual side effect of drinking and weeing more but she is also lethargic which vet said to expect(she is lazy even at full health but I can notice the difference) and her face (specifically eyes) are looking puffy which vet didn't forewarn. Is this a usual side effect that others have noticed in similar circumstances (I know steroids can cause puffy face in humans)

She had her eyes checked at early diagnosis as she had a bump above eye (as well as others on body which turned into lesions common with auto immune disease, all now healed) and eyes were fine so I am hopeful this puffiness is common with the steroid treatment. Grateful for any other lived experiences of this and also general advice, experience of dog with auto immune. Thank you if you read this far xx
Sorry, no advice from me but hopefully others will be able to reassure you.
Sorry, no advice from me but hopefully others will be able to reassure you.
Thank you. Ended up just calling the vet dor some reassurance. Normal side effect and should calm down when dose gets reduced from tomorrow fingers crossed xx
That's good news, that was the only advice I was going to give, no harm just calling the vet and asking... hopefully things will settle better as the steroid gets reduced. Sending good wishes to you and your girl x

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