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Family can’t agree on breed of new puppy!


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Hi everyone! We lost our beloved mini schnauzer girl a few months ago and now we all feel it’s time to welcome a new pup to the home! Trouble is we all have different ideas on the breed. I was set on getting another MS but keep getting guilty feelings & reminders of My girl when I look at pics of puppies and I’m now open to another breed! Kids are all late teens/20s so ultimately it will be me & hubbys decision as dog will be here long after they’ve left but still want them onboard!
Any advice on how to come to a decision on which breed to get. It’s going more by elimination at moment & the suggestions are at either end of spectrum! From Great Dane to corgi!! I’m pushing Tibetan terrier! Any advice greatly appreciated x
I'd start with a list of must haves and must avoids.

What are your views on walking, grooming, shedding etc. How much do you want a dog that is biddable versus 'why should I?'

Similarly, do you want a dog that is handler focused, as opposed to independent?

Bear in mind we have selectively bred dogs over thousands of years to do particular jobs, and a relatively few years of being pets doesn't wipe out their deeply ingrained traits. There's a reason why you don't see terriers herding sheep - not to say it couldn't be done, but it's a lot harder to train. So think about some of the characteristics dogs have and whether you can deal with these. If you want to be able to let your dog off lead for example, you probably don't want a husky (bred to run in a straight line, and keep running).

Does that make sense?

You might also want to look at likelihood of health issues. For example, I could never own a flat coated retriever as the likelihood of cancer at 8 years old would break my heart. Linked to that is insurance costs. Some breeds are so inherently badly put together that insurers charge a higher premium because they know there are likely to be high claims ahead. A good tips to ask for quotes, not for a puppy but for a dog that is 8 or 10.
List what you can offer a dog: How long do you want to spend training, walking, playing, grooming, vaccuming up dog hair? Do you want a social butterfly of a dog, or would you rather one that wasn't inclined to run up to all and sundry and want to get every dog to play with them? How secure is your garden? What about going on holidays? Do you want to take them along, or be able to leave them with family/friends/pet sitters etc?

How much can you afford, both to buy the dog and to feed him/her? A Great Dane will put a serious dent in your food bills which might rule out the best dog foods.

Rescue or puppy from a breeder? If the latter, make sure you can tell good breeders from unscrupulous ones or puppy farms.
Thanks guys just to let you know we went for a mini schnauzer which we had before! Better the devil you know!! He’s a sweetheart! X
Congrats from me too!
What have you named him? Look forward to seeing a pic also:)
My word - he fell out of the Cute Tree! Lots of fun to come.
Ahhh, gorgeous!! Welcome to little Theo:)

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