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Feel guilty for putting young dog through hip operation.

Discussion in 'General Dog Forum' started by Brad Cahill, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Brad Cahill

    Brad Cahill New Member Registered

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    I have a gorgeous Golden Retriever, she's everyones friend and loves walks, being outdoors etc. Unfortunately she has severe hip dysplacia and needs both hips doing.
    She is almost 3 and we have decided to get them done however I can't help feeling guilty knowing what she will go through.

    She will also be couped up in a crate for a month I presume and it breaks my heart as she might feel she has been naughty and is being punished.

    It upsets me knowing I have to put her through this.
  2. Kara 1

    Kara 1 Active Member Registered

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    Try not to feel too guilty ...dogs dont think like us and they get over big operations so quick to get it done now whilst she is young ...with hips the pain is so bad the operation is the only way you can help her ...good luck and try not to beat yourself up you are doing the best for her xxx
  3. leashedForLife

    leashedForLife Well-Known Member Registered

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    The sooner she gets the surgery, the more function she will have. :)

    “No surgery” is not the pain-free option; if her hips are that bad, she may very well be in serious pain already, at age 3. A life on anti-inflammatory meds with minimal exercise isn’t optimal. :(

    Before her surgery is scheduled, ask the vet about nearby hydrotherapy locations.
    She will need to start rebuilding atrophied muscle just as soon as she’s allowed to wt-bear / walk on a leash. This isn’t silly or extravagant, IMO it’s medically necessary, as without it, she may gimp heavily, bunny-hop, or even wobble from side to side as she walks, post-surgery.

    IMO & IME, follow-up in the form of physical therapy is absolutely crucial for a good, functional outcome, after orthopedic surgery. Surgery is only step one; without PT & specifically without non-wt bearing PT in warm water, AKA hydrotherapy, the surgery may reduce or eliminate her pain, but it will not produce a functional gait.
    Only regained muscle & restored balance will do that. :)

    Be prepared with food puzzles, stuffed / frozen Kongs containing her meals, training games, chewable tooth-friendly pacifiers (cow hooves, bull pizzles, antlers...), etc, as ways to keep her happily occupied during her mandated crate rest.
    Put her food bowl into a closet for the duration, & feed every bit of food or treats in a puzzle, a Kong, or as a reward for performance / compliance.

    - terry

  4. Mad Murphy

    Mad Murphy Well-Known Member Registered

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    Try to focus on the future you are giving her and not the operation now.
    Can you start getting her used to being in the crate now.. Make it a special fun place, maybe you could try puzzels with her so that she doesnt get so bored and it would help to prevent her becoming overweight while her movement is so limited. Not sure where you are but some towns have doggy lending schemes for toys and puzzels that might help with the expense of keeping her busy..
    Good luck and do keep us up to date ..
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  5. arealhuman

    arealhuman Well-Known Member Registered

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    I'm sure you're doing the right thing. Think about it more longer term - the results will no doubt be worth it.
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