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Ferreting in the sun....with whippet and longnet....

Blue wrecking it

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acquired some new permission a couple of weeks ago....

and the lady was keen we had a go as soon as possible....

explaining it would be better over the colder months....we agreed to head up today and show were willing.

the place was full of sheep, cattle, chickens, ducks and fecking BEES!!

the wifey kept bees!! fecking 6/7 hives... 40,000 bees in each hive :yes:

almost ended up ferreting in a bee suit

tried the longnets out....first time the dog was working with them....and us too....

had a good day... 6 rabbits bagged....a wee suntan....

and some permission secured :yes:

be back in the winter for a few extra burrows which were unaccessable due to cover :thumbs:






and the wee whippet chilling in the sun while we were cleaning the rabbits :laugh: HOT day for her...
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