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Fetch and Bring


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If anyone can offer any tips on this issue I'm having I'd be very happy!

When my poodle was younger she would run after the frisbee and (more often than not) on command bring it back and drop it. However for a few months now she chases after it (ball, frisbee etc) sits down with it, drops it on the floor in front of her, starts chewing it and won't bring it back. When I attempt to get closer she runs of with the object in her mouth.

Today I attempted to use a long leash to better control her environment and to stop this running away from me game. That worked and when she released the ball a high value treat was given but she was only interested in the ball.

She is able to resist going to the ball when on the floor in front of her on command 'leave it' and once the ball is given to us 'out' it is quickly returned hoping that she will get the connection that the ball is not kept by us.

Does anyone know where I should start with retraining?
Edit: After some online reading I've started indoors with a new method.
I first played tug with the toy.
During tug I asked her to drop the toy.
I asked her to leave the toy.
The I threw the toy and chased the toy with her whilst in the air.
When Lilly had the object I would then run in the opposite direction and she would (more or less) rung after me.
I would then continue with the tug game and then start with drop and then throw it again.

Very early stages but leaving the treats out and using the toy as the reward was keeping the energy levels up and the game had more of a continuity about it.

The only problem is that I need a lot of energy for it!
How old is she now? Has she ever shown any signs of guarding behaviour (apart from wanting to hang on to the toy)?

Also - what exactly are you trying to achieve? Do you want her to return the ball as a form of obedience training, or just so she can have fun without you having to fetch the ball yourself every time? If the latter, it's often easier to adapt the game to fit the dog than try to get the dog to follow the rules of the the game.
Dudley happily chases balls but then just sits and waits for me to pick it up. If my husband is with us.he brings it back
Will run past me to give it to him
In the house he happily catches soft toys and returns them to me .
Obviously habits he is happy with

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