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New Home Needed Finding furever homes - n w england


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I'd like to introduce FFH to you and take the opportunity of showing you some of the dogs we currently have in rescue.

FFH is a small UK registered charity, working hard to help dogs find FUREVER Homes.

We have dogs in kennels as well as in foster with families and details of each can be

found on our ADOPT ME page.

We also help to support smaller dog rescues located throughout the UK by marketing,

raising awareness, fundraising, home checking and offering help and support in

whatever way we can.

We hold regular fundraisers throughout the UK and online via social media to raise funds for kennelling, vets fees, transport and to provide post adoption support from a qualified and experienced trainer and behaviourist. Furever is what matters most.

Our priority is the dogs and we do our best to find the best match for them, sometimes it takes a little longer with certain dogs than others, but FFH never gives up on a dog, in any way.

As well as looking for fantastic homes, we are always on the look out for volunteers to help fundraise, homecheck, transport, dog walk and even just provide admin support or help with social media campaigns.

If you'd like to be involved please email

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