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Robins mum

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Hi my trusted friends!

Have a typical question I guess, but would like to know if anyone has a 'magic wand!'

We have moved from Cornwall up to Market Drayton in Shropshire. Robin is not the most confident dog with sounds and while I was able to distract him in Cornwall it is only the 29th and there are about a million and one noisy fireworks going of at this moment in time!

Robin has just come in from his 3rd run of the day and was just starting to eat his tea happily! He had 2 mouthfuls (and he can be quite challenging to get to eat at times!) and he came running into the house really scared, head down and tail between his legs! I said it was alright and nothing to worry about and carried on what I was doing, keeping an eye on him, he sat huddled on his bed in the lounge head down and ears flat as pancakes on his head!

He is looking very frightened although they have stopped for a bit currently, I have brought his tea in and put it by his side, but he is too scared to take any, even if offered by hand. I am not making any fuss of him, just being calm and every now and then telling him he is a good boy and a beautiful boy! I can hear more fireworks banging as I am typing this! They are very loud and frequent (rediculously so really!)

Any suggestions to help him over this time please would be very gratefully received. I'm going to put the TV on to help drown out the fireworks but not sure if that will help as walls are thin here and out of respect to my adjoining neighbour can't have it on very loud!

Thanks everyone!
We have one of our lot who does not like firework bangs but she is fine with gunshots.
We allow her to come to us and have a cuddle for as long as she requires, we do not make a BIG issue about it though.
Do have a look at this article below, you may find it useful.

5 Ways To Help Calm Your Dog During Fireworks
If anyone wins the lottery, I read about a soundproof crate but I'm pretty sure it had a four figure price tag!
If anyone wins the lottery, I read about a soundproof crate but I'm pretty sure it had a four figure price tag!

Goodness me! shoving pets in mini jails now! what is the world coming to! Poor Robin is still traumatised although there has been no further bangers for the past hour. It's really sad because he was so happy until they started! Time the government changed their thoughts on noise and made silent fireworks compulsory! (IMHO of course!)
Dorwest do a great range of herbal remedies to help but it is good to start them before firework season if possible... Also you can get dog snoods for sound reactivity, but not sure on how efficient they are as don't know anyone who's tried them!

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