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Firming up poo!

I give Harri a lot more than that - he gets a medium sweet potato a day when I'm on a firming up mission. Only needed when he steals his friends food - Natures Menu sachets don't agree with him at all which is surprising.
Right then, as we've frozen a batch, we'll move up to two heaped teaspoons! I didn't want to give him more because of comments that too much can have the opposite to the desired effect! :eek:
My lot couldnt take to pumkin but love butternut squash (same family )
OK, he;s been on two teaspoons of pumpkin puree for 3-4 days, no change. Time to up the dose?
Well, Jimmy's still on pumpkin puree, he really likes the stuff, does anyone know if there are any issues with long term consumption? Thank you.
I make biscuits for mine out of pumpkin puree and they eat them at night before bedtime as mine get sick with an empty stomach, and I've done this for months without any problems. Pumpkin is really good for them :)
Off course
Oven 170 degrees
3 cups wholemeal flour (it actually makes a lot)
2/3 of a cup of pumpkin puree
1/4 cup of peanut butter (I use meridian smooth as it doesn't contain xyltiol)
Tablespoon of coconut oil (optional)
2 large eggs
Mix the pumpkin, peanut butter, coconut oil and eggs together till smooth.
Slowly add the flour until it's all blended in ,you can add more flour in till it's not sticky
Roll out till roughly a centimeter (you can make them thicker if you want but they do take longer to cook)
Cut them out, mine is a bone shape lol but any will do.
Put grease proof paper on a tray then stack them on,
Brush with egg whites (optional)
Cook for 25-30 minutes keep checking they are firm.
Switch oven off leave the biscuits in the oven to cool (I usually leave for around 15mins) makes them firm
Then take out and leave to cool.
Put in a Tupperware tub and store in the fridge they last longer that way. Mine have them eaten in 2 weeks.
We had to search for pumpkin - we found it in the small American food section in Sainsbury's, next to the twinkies!

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