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Hi everyone. I'm a long time dog owner but looking to be a first time breeder.
Looking for as much advice as I can get.
Welcome - do tell us about the dogs you're planning to breed :)
Hi JudyN. I want to breed from my crossbreed spaniel ( sprocker x clumber spaniel) but am having trouble finding any one put a bitch to him. Ideally I'd like a lab or and other spaniel from a working to put him to.
Honestly, I'm not surprised. You would breed a litter of mongrels, and since the bottom has fallen right out of the puppy market, the owner of the bitch would be taking on a fairly big risk to their bitch for no benefit, and a big commitment if they can't shift the pups.

You will also have a real cocktail of inheritable health conditions to test for prior to mating as you already have a mix of three dogs in yours, plus possibly a lab.

What would be your purpose or motivation to breed him? If you are going to say it's because he is a wonderful dog, do you know that breeding can affect temperament? And of course there is no guarantee the puppies would inherit his temperament.
Before you consider mating your dog you should consider what hereditary diseases he may unknowingly be carrying.

Start your health testing with a Kc / BVA eye test and ask for a gonioscopy (glaucoma )
to be included as this can affect the 3 types of Spaniel in your mixed breed. This has to be a Kennel Club veterinary panelist.

HEREDITARY DNA Diseases, that can affect your mixed breed spaniel and could be passed on to any puppies that he sired/fathered.

The Cocker Spaniel;
Progressive Retinal Atrophy. ( prcd-PRA.)
Hips can be affected too, ( Hip dysplasia )

The Clumber Spaniel;
Entropion. ( in turned eyelids. )
Exercise induced collapse, ( EIC )
Pyruvate dehydrogenase deficiency. ( PDP1)
Degenerative Myelopathy. (DM )
Progressive Retinal Atrophy. ( PRA-cord1/crd4 )

The Springer Spaniel.
Elbow Dysplasia.
Hip Dysplasia.
Progresive Retinal Atrophy. ( PRA )
Hereditary eye disorder ( entropion )
Hereditary Seizures.

I am sure there are more "nasties" that I have not mentioned. There are also many different parts of PRA.

Any sensible breeder whether with a male or female dog should take care with what nasty diseases their dogs may be carrying and only breed with healthy clear stock.

Basic vet health checks are not worth the paper they are written on, as they are only a clinical check on the day of the vet visit.
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