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Once we moved Jasper onto raw, his windypops stopped stinking the house out, and we hardly ever smelt anything when he dropped one. Over the past few weeks/months, though, they've been getting worse, and today it smells like a sewage outfall on a hot summer's day in here :confused: Is this common when a dog gets older and his digestion is maybe not as good as it was?

His diet's not changed, but he's on NSAIDs, YuMove and YuDigest. His poos have been on the soft side, but the vet thinks that if the NSAIDs were affecting his digestion it would cause mucous and blood (as previous NSAIDs did for him) rather than soft poos and stinky wind.

Any suggestions please? Apart from air freshener and open windows!
When Sitka moved to raw his farts were less stinky. I know this but Patsy doesn't as I blame him for my emissions. I hope somebody can help with NSAIDs knowledge.
Never notice any stinks from my old girl or the others when they were old. Same can't be said for me now I'm on permanent meds.
Ive noticed my older lurchers are stinking just lately like sewage and i put it down to them munching on the new grass shoots on our daily walk as i too haven't changed their raw food and mine only have green lipped mussel capsules. ..

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