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IanGerman said:
Nothing :D
Mine just don't seem to get fleas!

I have bought 5 cans of Nuvan Top over the past 16 years - and the last one was 5 years ago!

I also haven't used anything for fleas for years. Since I have never had carpets in this house only lino and no cats I cant remember ever seeing a flea on any of the dogs.

Also if you use ordinary fly spray sprayed around the skirting boards that is suppossed to be as good as the usual Flea sprays
I have always used Frontline on my dogs......................they get the odd tick and flea, usually after a mission after rabbits etc, but the Frontline sorts it out and the phials make life soo much easier and quicker. One thing I have found to work too, is an equine shampoo which contains citronella ( made by a company called Equine America).................if the dog has had the odd passenger a bath in this seems to do the trick. A few years ago, when I worked in a Bloodhound kennels, we used to dip all of the hounds in a sheep dip and my dogs were shoved in too ................ they NEVER picked up anything then!!
peony said:
A few years ago, when I worked in a Bloodhound kennels, we used to dip all of the hounds in a sheep dip and my dogs were shoved in too ................ they NEVER picked up anything then!!
I'm not surprised ................ just amazed it didn't kill them!!!
Yuck! Don't remind me. We had many years without a single flea in sight. This time last year i was really busy preparing for an art event, and wasn't quite as thorough cleaning the hens as usual. By May I noticed my lot scratching, and rushed out for the frontline. Then WE started getting bitten, which puzzled me as Frontline usually clears them quite quickly. When I eventually got round to the hen house cleaning, I only had to open the flap and several hundred landed on my arm; I'm not joking it was black :x

It took weeks of spraying, and Frontlining to clear them from house and garden. Apparently lots of other people had the same problem as well - the winter must have been mild enough for lots to survive and multiply really quickly. So if you have any other livestock make sure they are spick and span and flea-less now before they spread to indoor pets!!

I don't really like using any flea treatments on cats and dogs, I only resort in an emergency and would NEVER do it routinely. Since the cat developed epilepsy I've been reading of cases where flea treatments have triggered the condition (although Frontline is meant to be safer than some). I noticed the cat reacted really badly to it last year (scratching her neck for weeks after) so I won't use it on her again.

I've found generally keeping soft furnishings to a minimum (wood floors, lino and washable covers) keeps them at bay indoors (with regular flea combing) if you don't like using chemicals.

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I use Front-line phials on the cat every 5 weeks, but don't do dogs unless I see a flea or notice heavy scratching. The dogs are short haired, so I rub the fur backwards to check for flea poo or signs of infestation. I just hate doing it unless there is a problem.
You could also try a newish product from Bayer, known as 'Advantix'. It's meant to reduce tick biting in the first place (Frontline just killes them once they've bitten) and is theoretically as good against fleas. We also sell is slightly cheaper (when you consider there are 4 doses in a pack).

If you try it, make sure you apply it to 3-4 spots along the back, and make sure your cats are kept away from the dogs overnight (it's nasty for cats). :luck:
I am still supicious as to what caused Snoop to begin itching in the first place. My OH came home the other week from the market with a goat skin rug for the front room and it seems to be since then that he began itching. It maybe my imagination but I have used the front line and the spray for the carpets etc... and I have steam cleaned the carpets and furniture. Still Snoop is itching but Gucci has'nt all along, neither have I found any sign of fleas. ;)
daledogs said:
garlic is a excellent way to get rid of fleas :thumbsup:   :thumbsup:
Just wanted to go back to this topic and ask what people think about garlic? How much do you have to use, and is it really effective??

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