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Hi Have just adopted a Whippet/Jack Russell cross who is 10 months old and we found a flea so we have used the one drop flea treatment on her and our two greyhounds - anyone have any ideas when we can give them a good bath? Our Whippet cross is a little bit muddy ! (You notice it more when they are white) :D
not for a couple of weeks, otherwise you'll wash out the flea drops
I think you have to leave them about 24 hours before bathing them (or when you can't see the greasy patch where you applied the stuff!!). Can you post any pics?? After seeing Oliver the whirrier (in previous post) I think they are gorgeous :wub: :wub: :wub:
lalena said:
not for a couple of weeks, otherwise you'll wash out the flea drops
Hmmm, posting at the same time, me thinks!!! Well I'm not 100% sure now after reading this reply :b I'm sure I read 24 hours and I think they do soak in pretty fast. But I suppose if the doggie doesn't stink too much then leave it as long as possible before bathing :D
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just mind any cats! certains drops are lethal to felines.
it will tell you on the box you got your dropes in as its differnt with differnt brands. I would still avold putting shampo on the area just rinces it waith water and shampoo the rest if the dog but all my dogs that are manly white mud brushes out prirry well with a rubber mit till they have a bath

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