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Foot & Mouth

Mark Roberts

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Hi everyone unfortunatly due to the out break of foot & mouth coursing clubs have taken the decision not to course this weekend untill things are clarified and the deseas contained. this is a decision taken by coursing club Commitees and NOT as stated yesterday in the media that the Government were stoping clubs from running.

this just goes to show that coursing people DO care about the countryside and the farmers who's good will all clubs rely on.

(Edited by Mark Roberts at 2:30 pm on Feb. 24, 2001)

(Edited by Mark Roberts at 2:31 pm on Feb. 24, 2001)
It's a shame as it'd have been a nice day for it.

Mark where's this snow you were on about ?

Hi Scott what can i say the weather men say snow and we get??? SUN. well that just goes to show all the best computers and they still can't get it right. your right today would have been perfect but theres always next year.

(Edited by Mark Roberts at 2:31 pm on Feb. 24, 2001)
Hi Scott   You should know by now Im allways right :biggrin:

(Edited by Mark Roberts at 5:39 pm on Feb. 24, 2001)
We haven't had any snow in Hereford either, although they keep telling us there will be some.  It is forecast for snow here again tonight, so who knows :confused:I do feel very sorry for the farmers, :sad:  but very relieved that this awful virus doesn't affect our dogs.   :)
Hi June   I think we all echo your comment about us being lucky that this awfull deseas does not affect dogs. but dogs can carry the virus from farm to farm on their coats and all owners need to be aware of this and stay away from farms to allow time for this to be contained.

The farming community have enough problems so I ask all dog owners to refrain from walking their dogs near farmland to help protect our countryside till this deseas is contained.

this does go to show though that Hunt, Coursing clubs ect DO care about the countryside enough not to carry out their sports till this matter is resolved.

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