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Four Generations


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Four generations.jpg

I just thought I'd share this photo of four generations of my Labrador girls. Left is Branta, named after the black genus of geese, posh name Tarimoor Hidden Dreams. Next one along is Weft, niece to Branta, Davricanby Albion for Tarimoor. Next along is Zasa, Branta's mum and Weft's Grandma, Tarimoor Dark Opal. And finally, my wonderful old girl, sadly no longer with me since March 20 this year, Tau, Chapelrose Lala Tau of Tarimoor, mum to Zasa, Grandma to Branta Boo, and Great Grandma to Weft. It was such a privilege to have had so much time with Tau, she was 15 1/2 when I lost her, and even more of a privilege to see her play and interact with her progeny. Love my girls xx
How gracefully they all look, very cute, thank you for sharing

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