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Frenchie farts


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Please somebody help, we have a 2 year old frenchie who never stops farting and its driving us mental. she absolutely stinks. We have tried changing her food multiple times and nothing has changed. please if anyone has had this problem and managed to calm it down let me know cause I'm totally at my wits end.
Welcome to the forum, sorry to hear of your problems. I'm afraid I can't offer any useful advice, other than to ask have you spoken to a vet? They might be able to give some better informed guidance. I'm sure someone more experienced will be along with a more helpful response soon.
Thanks ive asked the vet and had No real advice.
Sorry I meant to say frenchie not Frenchman.
Sorry I meant to say frenchie not Frenchman.

I've just changed that for you - I was worried someone might think that it was racist trolling!

My dog used to be like this, regardless of what kibble I gave him - you could almost cut chunks out of the air and use it as weapons of mass destruction. What finally worked for me was changing to a raw diet... literally overnight, it fixed the problem. He'd still toot, but there was rarely any smell. It doesn't work for all dogs, but it could be well worth a try. There's several raw feeders here who can give you more advice if you want.
I am afraid that JudyN has beaten me to this, my suggestion would also be to change over to a raw diet.
Unfortunately our dogs are not designed to eat the amount of grains that are used in our modern and convenient foods and especially kibbles. Some manage modern food very well but others have no end of problems.
Our dogs teeth are designed to eat meat and raw foods. Naturally they have no teeth to grind corn of any description. Their stomachs have problems digesting the product which means a lot of fermenting corn in their guts, loads of un-digested waste/poo and really bad wind too.
Raw feeding does not have to be bloody and messy, there are suppliers of ready prepared frozen foods that you only have to thaw and feed. "Natures Menu" is a good product to start with and can be found in most good pet stores. Their "Country Hunter" products are probably their best which are grain free.
Do read the ingredients of their other products as rice is also a grain so I would suggest to stick with their "Country Hunter" varieties.
It can do no harm to try the product for a few weeks.
Unfortunately our vets are not nutritionists and very few of them have any worthwhile nutritional education while at college about our dogs food requirements and diets.

Myths About Raw: Is my vet really qualified to be giving nutritional advice?

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Our whippet had a similar problem to yours but minor by comparison with your detailed description. Mabel was already on raw but she used to bolt her food, taking in quite a bit of air with each mouthful. I bought a divider bowl insert which seems to have reduced the frequency of her antisocial emissions.
Also be careful of commercial food that advertises as "grain free" because it often contains beans and peas. And we all know what they are good for......

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