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sorry 1st time post and it's going to be a rant! I've registered with the big rehoming centres and I'm finding them very unhelpful. 'just find the dog you like and apply online!' 2 weeks later I have to phone them and 'oh sorry that dog is no longer available' I thought the rehoming centres are full? why are they so bad at contacting you? anyone else had this? beginning to not enjoy finding a dog to be honest.
Welcome to the forum. This must be frustrating for you, but I'm guessing that the rehoming centres are struggling with the number of dogs coming in right now so their procedures might not be a smooth as they'd like. I wonder if you'd have more success with smaller organisations? Bear in mind that a good rescue organisation will want to get to know you and your lifestyle (e.g. whether you are out most of the day, whether there are young children in the household), and is likely to want to do a homecheck. If they seem happy to hand over whatever dog you fancy, then steer clear!

Good luck - I hope you find your perfect dog soon.
ok, so I'm guessing the ones where they deliver the dog to your door from Romania are not good? and charge you £695...
If they're not asking you any questions, then no... And some of these dogs are so traumatised by their experiences that they will have lifelong issues. Asking for money isn't necessarily a bad thing, as they need to cover their costs and want to discourage people from getting a dog on a whim, or selling it on for profit.
You can look at private listings for dogs to adopt- just be mindful of the questions they ask and also ask many questions- preferably over a few chats. I got my wonderful German shepherd like that almost 30 years ago and she was the most wonderful family pet for 13 years
Some of the rescues, particularly some of the foreign ones, are more or less puppy farms breeding dogs to send over here.

A good litmus test is to find out exactly what sort of back up support they have - as already said, some of these dogs are not typical of pets and need special care; so how much help will the rescue offer you after adoption.

And this is really important - a lot of foreign imports are bringing in a disease called brucella canis. This is a nasty disease that can spread to humans. So you really, really must get reassurance they are screening their dogs for that.

Of course some are excellent, but in the same way as you need to do a bit of research to make sure you aren't buying from a puppy farm, you now need to be equally careful with rescues.
Some neighbours of mine adopted a dog from abroad, all done online. I remember the day he turned up, a big white van pulled up, 2 men got out with a clipboard, picked the dog up out of his crate and carried him to the front door(like a parcel!), dropped the dog and left within seconds... I was quite horrified. Luckily the family are amazing, patient and love him to pieces, including his issues! But no support, no checks etc etc... so yes adopting a rescue dog from abroad maybe easier than one from here, but a minefield all the same.

Good luck with your search, personally I would persevere with the rescue centres that exist over here, take a deep breath, jump through the hoops, keep in contact with them and hopefully the right dog for you will come your way, it just may not be right now...
ok, so I'm guessing the ones where they deliver the dog to your door from Romania are not good? and charge you £695...

Exactly what we did with our current dog, wouldn't be without him. He's our second rescue. You make it sound like an Amazon transaction, ours was anything but. Happy to answer questions if you have them.
So 10 days later, almost 6 weeks since registering with the dogs home, I've heard nothing. Decided to go to a breeder and get a KC registered puppy
There's no right or wrong choice, if this is what works for you then it's the right thing.

I would say though, like rescues there is a wide spectrum of quality in breeders.

Please, please read this thread to protect yourself from inadvertently supporting puppy farming. And, if you would like us to check a potential source for red flags, just ask.

Thread 'Puppy Farming' Puppy Farming
Yep, I know what to look for and I'm up to date with Lucy's Law. I've seen a lot of ads that have red flags breaks my heart tbh
What breed are you planning to get? I'm only asking because I'm nosy and like fantasising about puppies:emoji_blush:
Lol I would really love to adopt an Italian greyhound as I fell in love with one on the tubes on Friday 😀 but they don’t come up for adoption and they can’t be around teenage Labradors 🤣 so I am also interested in what breed/s you‘re interested in Lawrenced
Wow, that was fast!

I do like the name Dug.

Edited, sorry I probably misunderstood. You are likely still at the planning stage.
Golden Lab.... Will call him Dug.
If it is a new puppy I wish you all the luck and patience in the world 😀 august is yellow lab and my experience is GS so I found the breed puppy immaturity a lot to get my head around 🤣 but she is a darling and I would recommend a lab - however patience is the best tool you can have 😀
Dug is a great name for a lab :)

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