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Fun Dog Show And Lure Coursing


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Fun dog show and Lure Coursing at Rumbling Bridge Kinross on Saturday 20th August[/b]

Puppy class (under 1yr)

Oldies class (over 8yrs)

Junior Handler

Large Hairy (over 25")

Small Hairy (under 25")

Large Smoothy (over 25")

Small Smoothie (under 25")

Fancy Dress

Rosettes 1st - 6th and Trophy for best in show.

Classes open to all breeds of human and dog ;) entry £1 per dog

Fun Lure Coursing, long or short course, all breeds welcome to have a go. £1 per dog per run. 1st come first go, second runs if time permits.

This is a fundraiser for Lurcherlink and should be looked on as a fun day out. Everyone attending does so at their own risk. All dogs MUST be on leads unless they are coursing.

Lure course open 11am - noon, then dog showing classes start in two rings, Lure couring resumes after Best in Show Class.

Tombola, refreshments and stalls.
PM me for further details.

Nice fun day out, gives your dog a chance to try the lure coursing without racing. Dogs can be run on their own or in pairs. Experienced dogs available to show the newbies what to do ;)

All breeds welcome

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