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Fun thread - name that baby!


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Having suggested that 'fun threads' could go in this section, I thought I should start the trend...

DS2 & DIL are expecting their second baby in late June. They have a girl's name they like, but are completely stuck on boys' names. Many have been ruled out for various reasons, such as being too popular/common, too unusual, or associations with other people (DIL works in a school and has ruled out several names because they remind her of some horrible child she knows).

So.... what's your favourite boy's name? And for extra points, what is it about that name you like?
Not a favourite name, but a fun story.

A friend was a teacher and had boy twins in her class. Their surname was McClatchie.

Their forenames were Gucci and Versace.

I swear that is a true story.
Another fun story, also true, is that Stephen Fry suggested that Robert Downey Jr should name his child Uppy....

Uppy Downey Jr!
I love the name Denali - from the mountains in Alaska 😀 I have no chance of my kids using the name as they think it is too different 🤷‍♀️
My son and DIL are expecting first offspring in April and know it is a boy - they haven’t decided on a name yet
Ooh, congratulations Colette - will this be your first grandchild? Do they live close by?

My favourite name for a boy is Theo, and DS2 & DIL quite liked it, but then DIL met a child called Theo she really didn't want to be reminded of, so that's out...
@Judy my third - other 2 are 13 and 11 😀 they live in London - I am Chelmsford so not too far
If my daughter had been a boy I wanted to call her Cornelius, she needless to say is so glad she was not a boy!! She is quite horrified by that name, but I like it. I got it from a character in a book I read many moons ago, 'Dancers at the Edge of Time', Michael Moorcock I think... : )
(Btw I have no emoji options on my phone, ooh found them!🥳😁)
Cornelius reminds me of Latin lessons, from many, many years ago!
One always has to consider the potential for horrible nicknames at school, though. This can really sour a child's early life.
One always has to consider the potential for horrible nicknames at school, though.
That's exactly why my daughter and many others thought the name Cornelius would of been such a bad idea! I still like it though....
I knew someone called Terry Napper - back in the days when nappies were made of terry towelling. He did not thank his parents for their choice of name!

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