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Fun Thread - Silly pics of our dogs : )


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A quick one from me as I'm in between walks! Here's a pic of my old boy Jake, I made this a while ago and posted it somewhere on here but thought I'd post it again. Anyone else got daft photos of their hounds, with or without the writing!
jake quote.jpg
All lovely!:cool:
The drool above, reminded me that last week I was sat in the park with an oldie of mine who has a bit of a drool issue... a lady had stopped to talk to us and just as she was saying how lovely he was, he shook and I ended up with a face full and a big globby bit hanging off my hair!! Just thought I'd share, luckily I love him! He got 3 people in one shake once which was quite impressive!:D:D
( I really don't like these laughing emoji btw..:confused:)
Photo three - I'm not sure which of the two has the more troubling image!!! o_O
I was just going through some old photos and found these 2 of Jake. One flying through the snow(2018) and one from a super windy day!(2017) 😁gosh can't believe that's so long ago...


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