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Fussy eater sproodle


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Hi, I have a 10 month old Sproodle who has become extremely fussy with her food. She used to have dry food three times a day and scoff it all within seconds, then all of a sudden she decided she didn't want it anymore. I started mixing wet food in with her dry food which was ok for a week or so, but now she doesn't want that either. When I start getting her food ready she goes and lays down, whereas before she would be eagerly waiting. When the food is down she shows no interest and when she finally decides to sniff it she backs away as if its poison!

I have tried different foods but still no joy. I leave the food out for up to half an hour then take it away. The vet is not concerned about her and says she is fit and well. I know she will eat if she was really hungry, but I just want her to eat normally again. Does anyone have any ideas?
2 feeds at 10 months should be plenty and probably just 1 would be enough. She is probably being offered more food than she needs at this age.

Offer less feeds per day, 20 minuites to eat it is plenty, and also offer less in her bowl.

What type of dry food are you using, if it is a grain based product she may well be feeling very full.

Try a good quality grain free product, with no ( rice, barley, wheat, maize). It may seem more expensive but much less is needed at feed times. Your dogs appetite may well improve.

Maybe change her to a raw diet to get her interested.

Natures Menu have a lovely selection of frozen complete meals, most good pet stores will have a freezer selling "convenient" raw foods
In 36 yrs of owning dogs I've never had a fussy eater, all I've ever done is put food down if it doesn't want it then I take away and put down at another time, sounds simple and it is, I've never know a healthy dog to starve itself, at time changing n mixing different stuff dosent help in many occasions .
I personally use Natural Dog Food Company and would never change. Stay on one food for at least a few months, swapping and changing can't be helping

As far as fussy dogs go, I have to agree with Lurcherman, I don't really believe in them.

Dogs will eat anything, put the chosen food down at the meal times, if they refuse then take the food away. Don't leave food down as it encourages grazing and the bad behaviours.

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