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Hi, Has anyone used these tablets prescribed by vet many thanks in advance
My vet prescribed gabapentin for my dog's dementia. He first had it at bedtime to stop him pacing, barking, etc. in the night, and it worked really well. As his anxiety became worse during the day as well, he had three doses a day and it worked well for some weeks - dementia being progressive, and he did eventually have to be put down because of his dementia-related anxiety, but it gave him more quality of life for longer.

The only negative side effect was that it affected his coordination, which wasn't great as his muscle wastage meant he was already a bit wobbly on his back legs. He was OK as long as I dosed him in the morning, and then again after his afternoon walk - gabapentin does clear from the system in a few hours.

I did wonder if it increased his appetitle, but can't be sure as he was always a foodie and whining for his meals might have been another side-effect of his dementia.

Not sure if this is relevant for your situation, but I hope it helps.

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