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oops sorry dont know what I have done there
yes sonny was returned because at the time he only had 1 but it appeared a few weeks later :thumbsup: but he would still never win a show infact Debs has seen him up close and I am sure she would agree with me


Darren,i've only seen Sonny (briefly) once so it would be unfair for me to comment.I would have to get my hands on him & watch him move.However,he certainly looks a nice type & is correct in size :thumbsup:
What a fab bit of old film have to say i have seen smaller greyhounds than some of the "whippets " :teehee: on that film lol
I know this is from 1941, but there was a diversity in size and type even then ;)
I love the Pathe vids on whippet racing! Been involved in many a heated discussion where folk have said '' I raced 20 odd yrs ago and they was all small / under 32lb etc etc'', one hell of a slap in the face when you see this link! (w00t)

What I find nice about them in particular is not one of these dogs would look out of place at a non-ped racing track today. :thumbsup:
they look huge some of them, they might struggle to get a racing pasport lol
They would run with the BWRA and the NNWRF just like they do now. :thumbsup:
Just something to throw in the to speak. What about the whippets fine coat and skin, an attribute to a short sprint racer but rubbish for a working dog. After all they are working in all weather through brambles, nettles,wire and out for some time, I would have thought if thats what they were bred for the standard would have come up with a "jacket" fit for function too
sI have no problems with fine skin etc simply not always the case my whippets have no more scars than my lurcher, btw there appears to be more short coated lurchers nowadays than long coated.

And i have in the past put pics up of mine working in the snow with no problems whatsoever
Why do these threads always end up like this?

Just for the record all my whippets present and past have been rescued or preloved.

They all have had hunting skills to some degree, it is in their blood.

They have all loved to run, that is in their blood too.

Show quality, some more than others but all beautiful.


Whippets were bred to hunt for the pot, run for sport and to keep their owners warm in bed at night and be a 'mans best friend'.

In other words utilitarian in purpose.

My Lilly is the perfect example of what an all rounder the whippet is, she gives life 100%:

Her pedigree is almost 100% show champions. Due to her small size however she did go into the show ring for long.

She is a born hunter. She is the one that catches the rabbits and squirrels more than any other.

She will not be left out lurecoursing either, she trails the lure perfectly.

Lilly is good natured, beautifully put together, fleet of foot and would takle most prey.

She is a true whippet, I know what her function and her abilities are without working her.

That goes for most whippet owners that own fit and healthy whippets.
I agree we need a breed standard as a guide but if the breed standard is taken as the gospel & as claimed a correct whippet should be a fast whippet how come very few modern day pedigree racing champion whippets are also show champions the same can also be asked about pre ban coursing whippets. ?

maybe speed to speed matings for racing stock overlooking conformation at least height & weight limits keep the size within the guide of the breed standard.

maybe conformation to conformation for show stock overlooking speed,
maybe speed to speed matings for racing stock overlooking conformation at least height & weight limits keep the size within the guide of the breed standard.
maybe conformation to conformation for show stock overlooking speed,
Isn't that what everyone is doing already? Surely it must be the case because a decent peddy racer is very different physically compared to a show whippet.

The fact Crufts held a class for racing / working whippets shows even they admit they're are completely different entities.

Not that I think there's anything wrong with this whatsoever. If peds were all bred to the exact same standard then you would loose diversity which keeps the breed relatively healthy.
This is a pic of my whippet bitch winning the courcing at heart of wales game fair 2 days running aginst lurchers of all sizes as well as whippets i also show her at these shows and at pedigree shows and she does quite well at both she is racing ped one side and show x working the other side and once i am fit and able to do so myself i will have her out on the live stuff with luck this season so i concider her an all rounder and she suits me down to the ground because shes mine and i really dont care wether anyone else thinks shes fit for the so called function lol :teehee: :thumbsup: (w00t) buffy_courcing.JPG
ok so you want someone to make you a fitted wardrobe
do you

a. get a chippy in

b. ask someone with no experience but has had and admired wardrobes for years?

we all know the answer

so this leads me to ask if you dont go hunting week in week out with your whippets how on earth do you know what a whippets FUNCTION really is?
You've disproved your own theory really sonny wasn't bought from someone who works their dogs week in week out but he seems to know what his function is. Although I know what you mean in another sense once a dog breed isn't breed for function at all show exagerations in the name of "improvement" usually render the breed unable to perform the function it was bred for show greyhounds, staffs little squat unathletic types bred by slavishly following an incorrect standard. The whippet standard as already stated is pretty function orientated but show dogs have got bigger and bulkier and we now don't have the great multifunction kennels once so prevailent laguna , nimrodel, martinsell, SB, chyton etc or more to the point no coursing to breed dogs to compete in. Now the function is working and racing there's not much cross over into show

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