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Golden Cavalier


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Hi - I am looking for a small/medium dog to join our family and everyone is adamant it must be golden/yellow. I have heard of a cross bread between a Golden Retriever and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel which seem to be popular in the US, but I cant find much about them / breeders in the UK. Any guidance would be appreciated! (I live in the South East) - Many thanks, A
Finding a good breeder could be quite difficult. Cavaliers in particular can suffer from some really nasty congenital conditions (heart problems, syringomyelia) that good breeders try to eliminate through responsible breeding like carrying out health tests and careful selection of parents. Good breeders do tests on their breeding dogs (proper tests, not just checks to say the dog is capable of siring/carrying a litter) to breed out these conditions. Unfortunately with the popularity of some crosses there are many puppy farmers who are more interested in exploiting buyers than the long term health of the puppies they are selling; and pet owners who think it would be lovely to have mini versions of their own pets but lack the understanding of responsible breeding.

It used to be believed that crossbreeds had the best of both breeds and health problems were 'bred out' but in fact you could well get a puppy who has inherited health defects from both parents. So crossing, for example, a cavalier with a golden retriever, you could get a puppy who has heart problems from the cavalier side and hip dysplasia from the retriever side. Both sides could have eye problems these could cause long term pain and distress to the dog and the owner to incur on going expensive vet bills.

Marilyn Munro allegedly once suggested to Albert Einstein that if they had babies they would be amazing with her beauty and his brains. Einstein allegedly replied how awful it would be if it were the other way round. You get the picture! There are some responsible breeders of crossbreeds and that is a good thing. But they are very few and you may have to search extensively to find one.

What puts you off having either a retriever or a CKC?
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Many thanks for the detailed response! I grew up with golden retrievers and would love to have one but young family dictates a smaller dog! So a small golden R one would make everyone happy.

Never heard that about Einstein - I may have taken her up on the offer!
You could get a cav from a breeder who tests for mitral heart disease, Syringomyelia (although some don't test but they should still be able to confirm it hasn't been present in their breeding lines) and eye disease?
Have you considered a cockerpoo or small labradoodle? I have friends who own both. The first is a sort of champagne colour, the second a deeper gold. Both lovely dogs for a family and both seem less prone to health problem. The Lab x poodle is yellow lab mother and miniature poodle father (I guess he brought his own ladder:confused:).
Labradoodle might work, will look into it. Trying to avoid anything with ‘cocker’ in it - my wife can’t do crazy! Many thanks for the thought!
I thought labradoodles could be rather crazy!

Do make sure your final choice isn't dictated by appearances. I was just thinking the other day that this is like me ordering a meal made from beetroot because I love purple and think it looks delicious, even though I hate beetroot. Or marrying Johnny Depp (chance would be a fine thing:D) based purely on looks.
OP - Did you ever find a golden cavalier breeder in the UK?
I’m also looking for a retriever cross with a smaller dog if one exists. Totally love the goldies temperament but they are big dogs. Someone breeds small pure breds?

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