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Great Gadget for Cleaning Up After Puppy


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With Blue only 9 weeks old he is getting really good at going outside for the toilet. We do have the occasional mishap so we got a Vax Spotwash from Argos and found it invaluable for cleaning up.

We had never heard of it until we saw it on TV and rather than get the big clumsy carpet cleaner out every time, we got this. We find the best way to clean up is to first suck up the wee before spraying carpet cleaner and then sucking up and drying.

I tried to post a link but I got an error. I'm not affiliated with Vax at all, I just thought this might be useful for someone who is in the same boat as we are. Ours was £130 but there are cheaper versions I think.
I too have a vax spot wash they are great ....:D
Me too, great for little spills of all sorts. I have a vax carpet washer too and do the whole house in the hotter weather.

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