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Greatcoates pistol pete


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recent advert seen on preloved:

"Desperately seeking the whereabouts of Greatcoates Pistol Pete (Jet), a black and white whippet dog, 21 inch. He will be about 6 years old now. I sold this dog at the beginning of 2010, and understand he has been rehomed since, i was told he was known to be in the lake district, but do not have a name for the new owner.
If you own this dog or have any information on his whereabouts please contact me, as i would like to know he is ok."

I crossposted on the whippet forum and someone responded to say they sent a link to the Whippet Archives page. Whippet archive gives the owner as Thomas Cannon but I dont know how up to date that in is, nor how Thomas Cannon can be contacted.

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