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Grooming help needed

Discussion in 'Dog Grooming' started by nikkidabicky, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. nikkidabicky

    nikkidabicky New Member Registered

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    i recently shaved my collie x wired breed (we think pointer) his coat is half wired and half soft throughout his coat i got told to shave him which i have and he is very soft and neat. however my concern is will his fur grow back (as i want his long tail bk unfortunatly looked like a pompom on the bk of a sleak looking coat so shaved this also doesnt look bad but i would like by xmas for him to be the original or as close as original length but looking for peoples experience on how long this will take please?

    many thanks x
  2. eingana

    eingana Do my ears look big in this? Registered

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    How recently did you shave him? The groomer who I'm friends with usually clips her dogs (short but not shaved) sometime in May and then again early July and that gets them through the summer which leaves them starting to grow a coat again for the onset of winter, and they've got a couple of inches of coat by November (Ish). She has a border collie and an Airedale, and they both fit fairly well with that schedule.

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