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Happy birthday Rolo


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It's Rolos 3rd birthday today and it doesn't seem that long since i brought him home.
He got toy's, treats and a new cover for his cosy cave bed.
Happy birthday mum's little gentleman x
Happy Birthday for yesterday Rolo!!:emoji_birthday::emoji_dog2::D:D (he is a handsome young man!)
Three already! All grown up - you can relax for the next ten years. A bit.
I'm late to the party but.....Happy Birthday Gorgeous Lad :p

Seeing all your gorgeous whippets is making me broody :D
I'm late to the party but.....Happy Birthday Gorgeous Lad :p

Seeing all your gorgeous whippets is making me broody :D
Thank you! And welcome to the forum :)
Nothing better than a whippet cuddle! Everytime I see a whippet puppy I get broody as well, can't wait to add 1 more to my pack :D
Nothing better than a whippet cuddle! Everytime I see a whippet puppy I get broody as well, can't wait to add 1 more to my pack :D

My last dog was a whippet too and she was a total snuggle monster :D Over the past couple of years, when we've been watching a dog programme on tv and debating what type of dog to go for when it's time to get another, we always somehow end up back at sighthounds....we DO seem to like our skinny minnies ;) Graceful, beautiful, wonderful personalities, healthy & unmessed-about with and we know what they're like to live with.
Yet as a child I used to go horse riding and my instructor had THE most adorable smoothcoat chihuahua bitch who just loved everybody....didn't have a nasty or nervous bone in her body....and I always said that one day I would have a Chi of my own and show people that they are lovely dogs and are what you make them! Or Border Collies....I just adore these too! I had a wee mongrel in my childhood (aged 11 onwards) called Lady (£7 from the pet shop in Newcastle in 1979) and for years we used to enjoy going to our local dog training club each week. So many had border collies and ~ with the wisdom of youth *hah!* ~ I always said I would never have one because they were too easy to train ;) I was reminded of this 20 years later when Neil and I were looking after a friend's collie called Skye and bumped into one of the ladies who used to go to the club. We had Skye for 6 weeks or so whilst friend recovered from an operation and she completely blew me away with her intelligence! Show her something twice and she had it sussed! It broke my heart when we had to hand her back :(

But yes, both Neil and myself always seem to gravitate towards whippets and greyhounds every time....excitedly point them out when we see them in the streets when we are driving by...stop to say hello when we're on foot...keep all our fingers & toes crossed when hound judging at Crufts is on tv (and shout comments regarding specsavers and the judge's ancestry if they don't pick the whippet!) :p:D I think we don't actually HAVE A choice....the breed has chosen us! ;)
I had a border collie he was an amazing boy, my best friend did anything I asked.
But yes I love my whippets and have a soft spot for all long noses! I have said to my husband one day I would love to adopt a ex racing greyhound beautiful hounds :)
My friend who I bought Oliver and Rolo off has lots of whippets she's a breeder when I've gone down to collect a pup I'm in heaven lol
Good luck finding your new friend x
Thats why we always loved greyhound x collies, classic lurcher combo.... speed and brains all rolled into one.
Research your lines carefully if you go for a BC, a friend was researching a couple of years ago and at that time found there is not a single line in the UK completely free of epilepsy.

Gillycrossescolliesoffthelist* Thanks for the info....I knew there were certain things to check out, healthwise, but to find out how bad epilepsy is, IS terrible. I know it's not the end of the world as a factor if I were wanting to adopt a rescue with this condition - we had two cats with epilepsy in our years of fostering so have lived with the condition. I think we WILL be going for whippets again....or a retired greyhound or a lurcher....we just love hounds and know what they're like to live with :) I was at work last night and one of my last customers in the Drive Thru was a couple with three whippets on the back seat of their car :p We had a lovely doggy conversation for a couple of minutes and I got to stroke the dogs too :D

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