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Heart Of Wales Show Oct 24th Builth Wells


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just to say there will be a terrier and lurcher show with lure courcing and racing for fun at the heart of wales show on 24th oct at builth wells all are welcome there are 3 classes for whippets at the show puppy .. dog ... bitch ... and championship the racing and courcing will be mixed unless we have enough dogs to do a seperate class in racing the courcing book in is at 10.30 with racing to follow show starting aprox 2 o clock :thumbsup: tel 01443 438535 or 07974425587 for info
this show will take place on penmaenau farm builth wells right next door to the royal welsh show grounds the show itself is after the racing at 2 o clock and takes place in doors so no probs with the light or bad weather
was a real good day loads of people to race and course we had lovely weather too that helped and my bitch won res supreme courcing champion so im happy lol :thumbsup: :teehee:

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