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Hello from Sheps Dog Training!

Sheps Dog Training Centre

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Hello everyone!

We're pleased to offer our dog training services UK wide and offer a wide array of solutions for dog owners who need help beyond basic obedience. Our trainers are ex military and ex police officers experienced in training police dogs and protection dogs. We welcome your enquiries if you need any help with your dog. :)
Welcome to the forum - out of interest, what training methodology do you use?
Welcome to the forum - out of interest, what training methodology do you use?
Hi Judy!

Thanks for the warm welcome. We use positive reinforcement methods for all of our training. We are experienced in training police dogs, protection dogs, service dogs such as PTSD dogs and have supplied fully trained dogs to the UK police force and for private high profile owners. :)

We also run dog rehabilitation for owners who are struggling with dogs with more difficult to manage behaviours.

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