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I am poppiesmum - I very recently lost my best friend and confidante, Poppie. She was a maltese x chinese crested. She went everywhere with us. I am lost without her, I miss her so much. She was pts 17 June, she had lymphoma diagnosed Oct 2022, she was losing weight. So I thought I'd lurk on the edges of the forum to keep my doggy perspective going. You never know, sometime in the future..... thanks for reading. xx
Welcome to the forum, Poppiesmum. I am so sorry for your loss - it must still be very raw. Do feel free to share memories, photos, etc. - it can help.
Hello and welcome.

If it helps at all, the Blue Cross has a pet bereavement counselling service.
Hello and welcome. I am so sorry for your loss. We here understand your sadness. A peaceful end is the last great gift we give them, but it's so very hard on us. Hugs.
Welcome. So sorry to hear of your recent loss. It's devastating, I know. As I was told, celebrate the fact that you gave her a long and wonderful life. Best wishes.
So sorry to hear of your loss. It does leave a huge void - we’ve all been through it. However it goes with the territory but they’re NO LONGER in discomfort which is the most important part of the current situation. I do feel for you - it’s an absolute bugger.
Welcome from me too, though sad under these circumstances, I am so, so sorry for your loss. A heart breaking time but one we understand, please do share if you feel able... we do have a page on here called 'A memory to the ones we loved' , it's in the General discussions and lounge section. Sometimes it can help a tiny bit knowing that you are not alone in feeling this huge sense of loss...and also that, in time, it will slowly become less painful...
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