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Hello, Owner of Woof Love Northeast & Shop - Dog Grooming /Walking and Pet Business templates


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Hey Everyone, I'm Amber and I am a trainee dog groomer currently on my level 3 .
I am currently a graphic designer which I LOVE however i have always had a passion for animals since being young, so have made the decision to become a full time dog groomer/ walker once I have experience and my qualifications as I just LOVE dogs. I am the proud dog mother of my 2 beautiful cocker spaniel boys, Blue and Loki.

You can follow my Dog Grooming journey here on Instagram

On my journey into the pet industry business i have learned that there is not much resource for pre-made templates or designs for business so putting my graphic design skills to work to help all fellow pet business owners, so i created Woof Love Shop Take a look at my Etsy WoofLoveShop and @woofloveshop on Instagram

Dog walking Forms
Dog Sitting Forms
Dog Grooming Forms
Loyalty Cards
Welcome Books
and so much more, more things to be added and will take special requests and further ideas from anyone.

If you want something that I don't currently offer , please let me know and i will create this personally for you, my main graphic design page is @digidendesigns

I hope I can help , thanks for your support

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