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HELP after buying a pet from


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I need some help I brought a puppy from, I collected the puppy and I seen the mother, it was vet checked but never seen any documenation, The puppy is very poorly and the vet has told me going to cost me up to £600-£1000 for treatment, we have only had the puppy a month, I am unable to get hold of the seller being ignored, I have reached out to who have been so helpful with advice and given me some numbers to contact to report the seller ect but there is not much help out there other than being advised to pay the bill, I cannot afford this amount, I work so I cannot get the puppy treated without paying soo much money, any advise please would help :)
What is wrong with the puppy?

Can you arrange a payment plan with the vet, get a low interest credit card, borrow from family, sell something?

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