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10 Week old lab going crazy on 3rd night, crying and jumping around on things. Not in a crate, he's feed, watered had poo and wee but won't stop!
Hello and welcome - I hope he settled?

I also hope you have today off and can get a bit of a lie in. When you wake, maybe tell us a few more details or see if anything here helps -

He settled downstairs on the sofa (I slept with him) I think he may have had stimulation overload during the day and he just freaked out. We will try a crate tonight. He slept till 4:30 had a wee then went back to sleep till about 6 when the cat came in
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Please have a look at the thread I linked, there's some good advice and a link to an excellent crate training guide. If you want to use a crate, he probably won't be ready for sleeping in it as soon as tonight.

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