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Help needed, Skin Problems in Old Dogs


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my little dog's left eye has turned gray, and he keeps scratching it. I bought ketoconazole cream and enrofloxacin solution, but they're not working. My dog is quite old and has a bad temper, so I'm afraid to take him to the hospital. What should I do in this situation?
Can you phone or email the animal hospital for advice? You could send them a photo of his eye and tell them what you have been using.
I'm quite nervous about messing around with eyes, the consequences of getting things wrong are too serious.

But it must be annoying him, so I second the advice to contact the vet.
Thank you very much. As for the issue with the eyes, I might need to see a doctor. She seems a bit fierce. Maybe a video call would be much better. What should I do about the skin? Should I take a sample myself, get it checked at the hospital, and then get a prescription? Would that work?
@wendyrt, could you please remove your signature? It is clearly advertising and nothing to do with dogs.
If they need to see a vet about her eyes you could ask about the skin then.

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