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Boo boo frenchie

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My female micro French bulldog booboo started her season on 15th May and there has been dried blood on her vagina we have cleaned her and it comes back.It has been a month since then and it is still appearing is this a heat or does she have a infection any help or info would be great before we take her to get checked thank you


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I haven't had girls, but that seems like a long time. Have you asked your vet?
No not as of yet because it says online that a season can last 3 weeks & we only noticed the past few day& would you say it looks a infection or heat I'm unsure
It is quiet normal for a season to last up to 4 weeks although 3 weeks is more likely.
How old is your girl and how many seasons has she had in the past.
Is there any sign of puss or a bad smell?
I would check with your vet but you may find that all is ok.
Take care not to over wash the vulva with soapy products just use fresh water and allow your girl to do the rest. There will be natural bacteria around the area that you may not want to destroy.

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