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help with feeding my dogs please

Ken Thomas

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I have 2 jack chis 1 is 7.55 the other is 6.15 kilos, I am using barking heads golden years wet, now on the packet they say if 5 kilos 1.5 of a 300 grams pack per day for 10 kilos 1.5 to 2 packs a day, don't sound right to me don't want to overfeed them our leave them starving any one with dogs that size can tell me the right amount to feed.
Maybe give them a call? Some foods are more nutritionally rich than others so you can feed less, but most dog food companies have a nutritionist who will be happy to talk to customers with questions.
Sensible query. I'd use the Mark 1 Eyeball.

You have just got them, and dogs from Rescue are usually overweight. How do they look and feel to you, based on whether they are too fat, too thin or just right.

Their stomachs will be small, so judge how small - you'd be amazed how little food small dogs need - I'd go for a heaped tablespoon of meat-food twice a day, bulked out with green vegetables if they seem hungry (noting that many dogs often "seem" hungry because food is important to them).

Our last terrier that was about chi sized had one heaped tablespoonful of meat food a day. Doesn't sound much, doesn't look much, but - was just right for her.
There's also individual variation - my friends' lurcher is fed less than half the amount Jasper was and is still overweight, while J was easily maintained at an ideal weight.
Complete dry food have guidelines for quantities needed, not very useful as like humans & most animals require differing amount of nutrition.
For the best part of 65 years my dogs have been fed organic raw mear in some form(I have friends whose families have been organic farmers for many decades, never opting to go modern with their methods)
I too go very much by eye & touch, I had one BC no matter what or how much he was fed he was always a skinny dog in hard dry condition, at the same time my other BC would put on lbs on a much smaller amount of food(they weren't closely related)
There is no real ideal weight for any dog, they should have nicely covered ribbed, a distinct "waist & tuck up", plus good musculature & width of first & second hind thigh muscles.

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