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Help with puppy toilet training


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Teaching my pup to go to the door if he needs a pee is not happening, I've tried treats etc. He is taken outside at least hourly to pee, he will pee outside but may well come inside and pee again, even though he has went outside a few minutes before!! Pooing is not so much a problem, and he can hold all night in his crate and sleep around 8 hours. Am I expecting too much too soon???
Sleeping is different, all our body functions slow when we sleep, so you can't really compare overnight to daytime. Ow old is he? Have a look here and see if there is anything helpful, but do come back with any questions.

House training
Some pups cotton on more quickly than others and it's to do with your timing praising him when he gets it right. I start off telling them that's a good busy when they pee in the right place, ie outside. Over the course of a few weeks hopefully they then associate that word with toiletting, and so I can then start saying let's go for a busy, and they will by then start to understand that they need to have a pee/poop if they need one. Lots of patience, and never get cross otherwise they will start to stop wanting to pee/poop in front of you.

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