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Help with two female dogs


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Hi im new here today and I’m just wondering if I’m missing anything to help two dogs live together
Both were rescued

The eldest is actually nearly three bichon mix but looks and acts much older
Is happy ,to have one or two ten minutes walks and likes to lie and laze, is not a morning dog can be moody with younfshe’s had resource guarding issues all her life worst at 6-12 month and has had behaviouralist training done and is so much better but I’d still not trust ever with my kids and other dogs

other dog is nearly one year old took her in off an elderly neighbour had her six or seven months now, she’s a Jackapoo so very lively bouncy but full of fun very clownish and so so soft , I’ve seen nothing but love come from from this dog she’s such a happy go lucky friendly puppy.

so older dog seems quite bullying to pup if they come across each other she’ll pounce and pin down and shows her teeth a lot

pup seems unfazed by this but is submissive she bows and licks older dogs face as she’s snarling at her

of course I intervene and seperate they sleep and are now mainly seperate
In seperate rooms, feed seper

I do walk together but old one mainly ignores the pup and pup does settle down after five minutes

it is exhausting though as I feel on edge I’m pregnant and have young children so what can I do to make it better? Will they always need to be seperate should I not even try to bring them together? As older dog just seems moody and grouchy and I hear growl a lot
If anyone has any other suggestions or ideas I’d be keen to hear and try
The older dog is still young to be quite so grouchy and lazy, so if you haven't already, I would get her a full vet check to ensure there isn't any underlying discomfort. It does sound as if she's lacking in joie de vivre, and I think you should address this separately from the issue of the relationship between the two dogs. Was she always like this? If the vet check is clear, it might even be worth getting a behaviourist in not to help with her 'issues', but to see if there's anything you can do to make her happier in general. If she is generally happier, she might be more accommodating of the pup's behaviour (though as you know, she still shouldn't have it imposed on her).

Management will probably always be necessary given the situation with your young children and one on the way, though I can imagine just how exhausting that is. I found it tiring enough just to manage one grumpy dog when my children were in their late teens! You might not want to hear this (or maybe you secretly do!) but I wouldn't rule out the option of rehoming your younger dog. It sounds like she would adapt to a new home very easily, and it would also make life a lot easier for your older dog, your children and yourself.

Hope this helps :)
Thanks I never thought of that she’s happy when with us and the kids but still quiet and lazy she doesn’t like to walk far and dogs heels in then tries to drag you back home
She’s happy to potter and sniff about in the garden sniffing seems more her thing than running or playing
She’s not interested in toys and never has been
She’s happy to see us and kids and giddy when we come in
But seems to hate the younger dog
She goes stiff and glares and shows teeth if pup tries to engage and play with her!

I’ll see what the vet says
I’d hate to re home any as all family now attach to them both and both are so different and we enjoy the long walks with the younger one and her clownish antics she’s very entertaining
But equally the older one is no hassle as she’s so low maintenance and very affectionate with us all human family anyway

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