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Hews Goin To Devon


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:cheers: :cheers: come on then hews goin devon FUN FUN AND MORE FUN (not long now)

:thumbsup: :p :thumbsup:
We're all coming down. Just got a new tent now me mam says she wants to sleep in that and not the caravan. Well I'm not complaining. Carn't wait and counting the days.
(w00t) im going, peace and quiet no kids just debs lol, cant wait.
ill be there cant wait been looking forward to this holiday for ages.
I'MMMMMMMM GOINNNNNN n a cant wait onli goin dwn for 4 days lyk with moria lou n lauren lukin dead 4ward 2 it tho cum bk wiv a nice sun tan :D cya all dwn there

bloddy dads goin for 10 days :angry:
We going really looking forward to it always a nice relaxing time
Just think of me taking yet even more exams whilst you are all sunning yourselves down in Devon - but with any luck I might make it next year (hopefully no exams lol).
Not long now, busy ironing the clothes and filling the van. Just hope its not this hot going down. See you all there for plenty :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

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