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Holyrood Park Resuts

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You really appear to think that 'everyone' is out to block you and your dog. There is no 'everyone' !! We are all out to find somewhere and enter competitions just like you! Perhaps all of our dogs pedigrees aren't good enough either. :clown:

There is no competitions, there are no coursing clubs.

Holyrood is organised by the rangers, not a coursing or racing club. They use the contact details from the original SPWRC 32 dog comp that was held there a few years back. It provides them with what they need to run a public event safely and successfully. It is a historic display/demonstration for the viewing public.

I feel like a stuck record. :sweating:

If it is 'Official' coursing you are after then I suggest you re-read this thread. All details have been provided :thumbsup:
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