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Homemade biscuits to counter wind.


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I’d be grateful for a homemade recipe for biscuits to alleviate smelly flatulence. Mabel’s on a raw diet and would bolt her food if I hadn’t inserted a contraption into her bowl which obliges her to ‘take her time’. Although her flatulence isn’t a constant problem, she can clear a room. Such bouts occur in the evening post feeding (some four hours post feeding). Sorry for the indelicacy of the question but I’d be indebted for an effective homemade recipe (for Mabel). Many thanks.
Do let us know if the fennel & charcoal biscuits work, RGC - Jasper's been a bit aromatic recently.
I changed my lots raw food from durhams to natures menu ....what a difference. ..on the durhams raw the smell was unbearable. ..hardly any flatulence on natures menu;)
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Do let us know if the fennel & charcoal biscuits work, RGC - Jasper's been a bit aromatic recently.
Good morning. Well, fingers crossed and it’s early days yet but I’ve been giving Mabel charcoal biscuits as treats and sprinkling 1 tsp fennel seeds on her afternoon meal (125g raw) since Monday. So far it seems to be working. Many thanks, Flobo.
Thanks RGC. Actually, since I took J off bones and moved him to Natural Instinct, he seems a bit better in that department anyway :)
Sitka is on Natural Instinct too and doesn't have a wind problem. For his birthday he got a cake from the pet shop with things he's not used to. The next day he (literally) cleared the waiting room at the vets.

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