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When we got Scrumpy(now 8 months) she was house trained very quickly, we had no poos at all in the house & very few wees. She was in a crate when we went out but not at night. the crate went at new year, but over the last few days she seems to be having a relapse. Today I took them all out for two hours this morning & then later went out for 3 hours. When we came back she had weed in her basket. Later on we nipped out for less than an hour & when we came back she'd done it again, on the settee :( Yesterday she weed on the doggy duvets twice. I'm thinking she may have a bit of a chill on her stomach or even a bit of cystitis. She doesnt seem to have any discomfort when weeing tho. I'm going to take a urine sample to the vets but if there is nothing physically wrong then if she keeps on doing this then we'll have to go back to putting her in the crate when we go out. Hubby thinks it may be seperation anxiety cos she really loves me :wub: Any thoughts on this????
We had exactly the same with Josephine, only we didn't get her till she was a year old. She had never been in a house, so was quite hard to house train (not jsut peeing etc, but shewing, uding the furniture as a climbing frame, and trying to jump out of windows). After about a month we thought she was trained and stopped putting her in the crate and all was fine, but about a month later she started peeing everywhere at night and stealing and chewing things when we went out and so she went back in her crate, and she seems much happier and more relaxed when we get in, and no accidents. I think she feels safer in there.

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