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How do you pick the right breed?

Feel free to link their site, and we would be happy to highlight any red flags

Here are the ones I like so far I'll post both websites ( if they have one) and champdog page.

I tried to put the links but it won't post.

The breeders affix is
1) Johnsongrace Golden Retriever's
2) stretton hill Golden Retriever's
3) tenfield Golden's Retriever's
Sorry, I forgot new members can't put in links.

All of these look good to me, they do the appropriate health tests and select for temperament. I'd say Stretton Hill don't give quite so much detail but that's probably more about their writing skills than their breeding skills.

I'd suggest contacting all three and ask to be added to their waiting list, and see what happens / which on has a litter at a good time for you. Tell them a bit about yourself, what your lifestyle is like, what your experience is, and what you can offer a dog.

And don't forget to keep us updated.

It's great to see someone researching like this.
The only thing I can add is a good breeder will be asking you lot's of questions too, they should be really interested in where their pups are potentially going. Good luck!!:)
I certainly will keep you all updated when I get my bundle of joy I'll post loads of photos and introduce you all to him. Thank you for all your advice means a lot as I want to get this right and being a first time owner it can be daunting.
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