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How much excercise does our labrador need?

dog fan 36

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Me and my wife own a 1 year old labrador, and we have very different ideas about how much exercise it needs. His 2 km walks (the dog is off leash for half of it) are wayy too short in my opinion, and I feel like the dog need more exercise. Ive asked this question at a norwegian dog forum Im on, and everyone there agrees with me in this. He however seem to think us norwegians are a bit hysterical with our dogs (hes english
proud bastards hehe), and that american and english dog owners are more sensible, so, in the name of science I thought Id ask you guys here

So whats your opinion; is a 2 km walk a day enough for a labrador?

(To clarify, I do ofc walk the dog too, we take turns, and when I do the walks are much longer. So the dog does get some exercise, but I still dont feel like its enough, in total)
Sorry but we still measure in miles, yards, feet and inches :) Not sure how far 2km is. If it is just over a mile (which I think it is?) then no, I don't think it is.

I usually measure walks in hours and minutes. A 20 minute walk, twice daily, would be an absolute minimum for any breed of dog. Even elderly or very young dogs should have this for mental stimulation as well as physical mobility purposes.

A breed such as a Labrador would, in my opinion, need at least two hours exercise per day. They could cope with much, much more but this would settle the dog both mentally and physically into a good place. We should aim to settle our dogs into "resting contentment" and this means that both their mental and physical needs, appropriate to their size and breed should be met.

On top of two hours exercise per day should come some mental challenges such as some training, play etc. Labradors are bred to fetch and it is good for dogs to engage in their breed specific tasks.

If it helps your wife, the nurses at our doctors' surgery tell me that the dog walkers are among the fittest people she sees.
I love the "miles, yards. feet and inches ! " (perfect English)

Nothing else makes any sense to me.

Absolutely no offence meant to " dog fan 36"


In my opinion just over 1 mile is not enough for a Labrador, it is no distance at all.
Especially not when it's left alone for 8-10hours a day.

A lab is a working dog, a social animal that likes to be around its people. a clever creature that likes to be kept busy ..

So , you have a 1 year old lab that is walked just over a mile a day , is infested with worms, eats the cat poo, eats its way through metal crates has sever SA..and is left alone for 8-10

I'm begining to think you are a troll , sorry . If you are not then I would be considering rehoming the poor creature
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