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how to keep a dog active?


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my dog is so lazy and doesn't listens to me he's so inactive and always sleepy and wake up just eat and just sit on ground.
How old is he, and has he always been this way? At what age did you get him? What breed/type is he?

Also, what do you feed him, and is he a healthy weight? How often do you walk him, and how long? Is this on- or off-lead, and in what sort of areas (roads, fields, woods, etc.).

Are there any activities he does enjoy, like fetch, training, and so on?
Depending on the answers to all of the above my initial thought was under active thyroid, so vet check may be in order... a bit more info would be good, also I am not a vet, but it's unusual for a dog to sound so uninterested as you described briefly.

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