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We've just adopted a bearded dragon whose owner was finding it difficult to afford the cost of live worms and grubs to feed her.

"Gimlie" the dragon is now part of our family - a delightful little creature who keeps us entertained for ages. Adopting her was a simple-enough process, but we have learned that even for a pet as small and "robust" as a reptile, the responsibility of care is still considerable - and can be costly too!

We run a pet ID tag business and to show our support for pet adopters, we'll give a 30% discount on orders on our site to individual members of the public who adopt a dog or cat (or even a horse or donkey) - any domestic pet needing an ID tag.

You'll find us simply by typing "tagmakers" into Google Search; go to our website and use the discount code ADOPTION when you place an order. We'd love to hear your adoption story too, so publish your story on any of our social media pages. If it's a really heart-warming story, we'll send you a free pet gift as well.

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